Pusat Rawatan Naturopati

PUSAT RAWATAN NATUROPATI was established in the year 2004. It started as a naturopathy center at Lumut, Perak and eventually developed to become one of the leading naturopathy in Malaysia.

Besides handling regular clinical cases, PUSAT RAWATAN NATUROPATI also conducts training, workshop and researches on natural healthcare.

PUSAT RAWATAN NATUROPATI is now an official and recognized center under Malaysian Society For Complementary Medicine, for the development of a safe natural alternative medicines and therapy. Fundamental research is ongoing and several breakthroughs are recorded.

The Company’s approach of giving safe, efficacious quality products and natural healthcare services at an affordable rate is the reasons that turned the company’s business to its present position.

PUSAT RAWATAN NATUROPATI now has several affiliates within Malaysia. From the place where it all started in Sitiawan, Perak it has now several centers affiliated to its name at strategic locations within Malaysia. The company plans to open more centers in Malaysia and in the South East Asian countries, before expanding and spreading its wings globally.